Bark-N-Bubblessm Terms and Conditions

BARK-N-BUBBLEsm agrees to exercise due and reasonable care and to keep the kennel premises sanitary and the property enclosed. The pet is to be fed properly and regularly and to be housed in clean, safe quarters. All pets are boarded or trained or otherwise handled or cared for by BARK-N-BUBBLEsm without liability on our part for loss or damage from disease, death, running away, fire, theft, injury from other dogs, injury to persons, injury to other dogs or property by said dog, or other unavoidable causes, due diligence and care having been exercised. BARK-N-BUBBLEsm reserves the right to control nuisance barking humanely. BARK-N-BUBBLEsm reserves the right to find appropriate play groups for your dog. With due diligence being taken to find an appropriate play group, dogs unable to play and requiring private play yards will be charged more for that privilege. Dogs that are aggressive toward people will be handled with extreme caution, if the dog becomes seriously ill or injured, the owner shall be notified immediately, in case no particular veterinarian has been designated. If the owner does not inform immediately regarding measures to be taken, or if the state of the animals health/condition demands quick action, we shall have the right to call a veterinarian, as designated above, or to call a veterinarian of our choice (Tufts University Veterinary Hospital) or take the animal to said veterinarian in either case, or administer medicine or give other advisable attention, within our discretion and judgment and such expenses, being reasonable in amount shall be paid promptly by the owner. All fees are due upon the owner’s pick up of said animal. If any charges for the boarding, training, medicine, or veterinary services are not paid at the time of owner pick up, or within the ten days following, or if the animal is not called for within five days after the time for return of animal, the animal will be sold within ten days after this period by BARK-N-BUBBLEsm publicly, privately or otherwise placed in a home deemed suitable by BARK-N-BUBBLEsm. Notice in writing of such intended sale shall be mailed by registered mail to the owner at the address given hereon, not less than ten days before the date of such intended sale, and no further notice shall be deemed necessary. The owner represents that he/she is the legal owner of said animal, that title to said animal is not mortgaged in any way and that said animal has not been exposed to contagious disease, including rabies within the last thirty days, and that the required annual license has been obtained. I understand the nature of group play with other dogs and the risks from other dogs and exuberant play on natural terrain. I choose to have my dog in a play group, due diligence and care having been exercised.