Every dog owner knows that your beloved pet needs exercise, socialization and companionship,
but let’s face it things come up which can sometimes prevent that from happening.

Most owners feel bad about their dog being home alone for extended periods of time,
but what can you do?

The answer is easy, bring your dog to our doggy daycare!


According to the ASPCA dog daycare “Dog daycare providers can help you meet your dog’s needs for attention, activity and supervision. They provide a great antidote for bored, lonely or high-energy dogs with busy guardians who work away from home all day and don’t want to leave their dogs alone”. Full article here

At Bark-N-Bubblessm, your dog will have a fun filled day with us. During our doggy daycare program, your dog will be able to play in one of our five supervised outdoor play areas spread out over two acres. There we are able to group your dog with appropriate friends to socialize with, exercise, play and release that pent up energy. When the warm weather of late spring and summer is upon us your dog will be able to frolic, splash and play with his or her friends in our exclusive Sunshine Lagoon, the only dog lagoon of its kind in the area.

We offer full day pricing, along with packages and we frequently offer special  packages. All dogs are required to have a valid Rabies Certificate from their vet. Please visit our FAQ’s page for more information. NOTE* The Bordatella vaccine must be given to your dog 14 days prior to coming to the kennel.”