Bark-N-Bubblessm offers full grooming services. Owner Kelly Hauk has been grooming all types of breeds for 25 plus years and has an experienced, qualified staff on the Bark-N-Bubbles team to assist her in providing your dog with a fresh, healthy coat.

Our prices start at only $35.00 depending on the grooming required for your dog. When assessing the needs of your dog, we take into account your dog’s breed, condition of coat, any skin condition; allergies, flea prevention, dry winter skin etc.

For example, for a short haired dog a simple shampoo and de-shedding is good. Or if you have a long haired dog such as a Golden, Huskie or Newfoundland they require much more in depth grooming. They need to have a shampoo with deep conditioning treatment and complete brushing with de-shedding because their long dead hair does not mat in with the good hair.

For more information and specials please call us at 508-865-8155.

For additional fees we also have available:
Nail Trimming and Dremeling $20.00 – Walk-ins always welcome!

Teeth Cleaning $12.00
Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your dog. Dog grooming should be taken seriously as it is actually part of a dog’s health. The following are several reasons grooming will prove extremely beneficial for your pet’s health and happiness.

Grooming allows us to routinely check for any abnormalities that may signify a problem. We watch for problems such as ear infections, parasites, and growths.

This is especially important because if we spot an abnormality in its infancy you can then notify your dog’s veterinarian before it becomes more serious.

Routine brushing removes dead skin & keeps coats shinny while stimulating the production of natural skin oils.

Which reduces shedding and minimizes skin irritations.

It also is beneficial to the overall health of your home, reducing allergens.

We provide medicated baths depending on your dog’s skin. We have several different medicated shampoos which eliminates or minimizes skin irritations. Grooming is important for the detection and treatment of fleas and ticks.

Itchy skin can be painful and bothersome to your pet.

Winter skin can be a common problem for dogs living in our area, for some more information on how we can help, check out our blog post here: Winter Skin

Toe nail trimming is essential to your pets comfort when walking and health issues that can occur from nails growing into the pads of the feet.Excessive hair around the face can promote eye irritation and infection in dogs.

Walk-In nail trimmings are always welcome during regular business hours.

Keeping ears clean reduces risk of infections and mites both of which can be painful for your dog and costly to treat.

All of our grooming is done by appointment with the exception of nail trimming which can be done on a walk-in basis.

All dogs are required to have an up to date Rabies Vaccine Certificate from
their veterinarian. For more information please see our FAQ’s page.