Barkingly Brilliant Dog Training

Whether you have a new puppy, or have chosen a more mature dog as an addition to your family, obedience training is a must! You’ll live together for a lifetime, so it’s important for your dog to be well behaved at home and out in the real world. Customized, one-on-one training can get you the well-behaved dog you deserve.

Our training programs are customized for the specific dog we’re working with because just like people, not all dogs learn in the same manner. One-on-one training gives you individualized attention, and it allows us to take each command and teach it in the manner in which your dog learns best. We not only train your dog, we train you! We take the time to teach you how to break down your dogs behaviors and responses, and how to redirect or handle the behaviors you’re seeing. Dogs are always changing and throwing new challenges at us as they mature, with our training you’re able to identify these behaviors and correct them immediately.

We’re pleased to offer a variety of packages for our Bark N Bubbles customers including Play & Train Bootcamp. During this bootcamp your dog goes to daycare as usual, and is then trained for two hours per day for a determined period of time, this is then followed up with private one-on-one classes for you the owner.

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