Our boarding rate is $35.00 per calendar day, we offer multiple dog discounts for those with more than one dog in the family. We offer extended stay options should your dog need to be with us a little longer then usual, please inquire within.

When you board with Bark-N-Bubblessm it includes all day play, water play time (weather permitting) and any special needs; including medications, special diets, or other special requirements.

What sets Bark-N-Bubblessm apart from the rest? WE HAVE NO UPCHARGES! That’s right, while many boarding facilities will upcharge  you for everything from feeding your pet his/her own food to administering medication, to playtime, we do not upcharge.

We recommend morning drop-off for boarding this will allow your dog to have a more smooth transition into our routine.

NOTE* The Bordatella vaccine must be given to your dog 14 days prior to coming to the kennel.


Indoor Kenneling
Consists of two options: Our facility consists of not only the Main Building, but Kennels One and Two are set on two picturesque acres with loads of space for your dog to play, socialize and get the exercise he or she needs. All of the buildings at Bark-N-Bubblessm are climate controlled offering both heat and air conditioning.

Kennel One, offers your dog an individual space with clean, off the floor bedding and lots of room to move around. There your dog will be able to rest, eat and have plenty of fresh drinking water. Dogs who stay with us in Kennel One are guided out to one of our five separate outdoor areas for exercise, socialization and playtime throughout the day.

Kennel Two, offers the same accommodations for your dog as Kennel One but also has individual outdoor, weather sheltered runs that provide your dog with the freedom to have outdoor play and exercise he or she needs whenever they want, without having to interact with other dogs. This style of kennel is especially beneficial for special needs, intact or dogs who prefer not to socialize.


Outside Play Area
Unlike some kennels, we have 5 separate areas for your dog to play. This enables us to match up dogs by their size, exercise needs and personalities.

Have a dog who doesn’t like to play with other dogs? No problem! We have individual runs at no additional charge so your dog can still enjoy the outdoors without having to socialize.

Includes all day play, water play time, and any special needs (including most medications, special diets, or other special requirements).


Boarding Pickup Times
Animals that are picked up from boarding BEFORE 11:00am, will not be charged that day for boarding. Animals that are picked up from boarding AFTER 11:00am will be charged a full day of boarding for that day. Schedule a grooming on the day of your pets pick up and we will wave that days boarding fee.


It is best to bring your dog’s own food that you have been feeding them. Please put each meal in labeled individual baggies. We can provide Diamond Beef Meal and Rice Formula dry dog food to our boarders. It is however, not recommended that you change your dog’s diet as doing so may result in upset stomach and diarrhea during their stay and once at home when you switch back to their regular diet.


Cat Boarding
We also have boarding for cats. For only $25.00 per calendar day, your cat can relax in his or her own comfortable, dog free space.

We supply dry and wet food for your cat unless you would prefer to bring his/her own food which is perfectly fine. Please make sure the food is in portioned out, labeled baggies. Please note, all cats must be up to date on their Rabies and Distemper vaccinations in order to stay with us.


Frequently asked questions

1) What vaccinations are required for my dog or cat’s stay?
We require an up to date Rabies Vaccine Certificate and proof of Distemper Vaccination from your veterinarian, as well as an updated immunization list.

2) Is my dog required to also have the Bordatella Vaccine?
We do not require the Bordatella (Kennel Cough) vaccination, but if you choose to give it, it must be given 14 days prior to coming to our facility for any service. Bordatella info

3) What type of Bordatella vaccines are there?
The 1st type is injectable which takes a bit longer to build antibodies. The 2nd is intranasal this is when they spray the vaccine into your dog’s nose. The vaccine only covers a few strains and is only effective for 6 months so you might vaccinate your dog and still contract the disease. It is considered 60% effective, which is darn close to even odds. Also, the intranasal vaccine can cause a very mild case of canine cough and be transmissible to other dogs.

4) How is Bordatella (Kennel Cough) transmitted between dogs?
Having been a dog owner and spending her career working with dogs, the owner of Bark-N-Bubbles has a vast array of experiences with dogs and illnesses such as Kennel Cough. This cough can be caught anywhere, pet stores, dog parks, the vet’s office and etc. It generally isn’t a life threatening illness. It is mostly annoying with a dry hacking cough. There are many different strains of canine cough.

5) Why do you not require the Bordatella Vaccine?
I want my clients to make the best choices for their dogs. I also want you to have information and make an informed decision with your vet. I don’t require the vaccine. I don’t believe it prevents the disease. Again, I encourage you to review this with your vet as well.

6) Where can I find more information on the Bortadella Vaccine?
The best thing to do is to talk to your dog’s vet. If you would like quick access to some online information here: Is the Kennel Cough Vaccine a wise choice for your dog?

7) What do I have to bring for my dog or cat’s stay?
Nothing except your pet.

8) Can I bring my dog or cat’s own food?
Absolutely, please put it in individually portioned, labeled baggies. It is recommended that you do bring your pet’s on food as to not cause any upset stomach or diarrhea from switching brands.

9) Can I bring toys?
Yes, you may bring your pet’s toys which will be left in his/her kennel room. Please note, we cannot guarantee that they will not be eaten or lost.

10) Can I bring rawhide chews for my dog?
No, please leave rawhides of any kind at home as they are unsafe.

11) What about bedding, can I bring my pet’s bed?
Unfortunately no. We do not allow outside bedding of any kind. This is done to prevent the spread of fleas and ticks.

12) What will my dog sleep on?
We provide your dog with clean, off the floor bedding for the duration of their stay.

13) Will my cat be in the same room or will dogs have access to the room he/she stays in?
No, our cat boarding room is separate from our dog kennels and no dogs are permitted to interact with our feline friends.

14) Will my dog be able to play and socialize with other dogs?
Of course! Are facility is designed with your dog’s enjoyment and benefit in mind. Your dog can play as much or as little as he or she wants.

15) I see that other kennels charge for playtime, do you?
Absolutely not! Bark-N-Bubbles was established with your dog’s health, safety and happiness in mind. Dogs naturally want to exercise and socialize with other dogs in the pack, for many dogs this is crucial to their happiness. We never upcharge for playtime.

16) Is the water in the Sunshine Lagoon fresh?
Yes, our exclusive Sunshine Lagoon pool for dogs contains fresh, filtered water and is frequently monitored for contaminants. Please note, the Sunshine Lagoon is currently only for the use of our Daycare dogs.

17) Why do you have so many outdoor play areas?
No two dogs are alike. In addition to our private, weather sheltered runs, we offer five outdoor play areas so that we accommodate the needs of all dogs; personality, energy level, age, special needs etc.

18) What if my dog is dog aggressive and doesn’t like to socialize?
We tailor your dog’s stay around his/her personality, needs etc. If your dog doesn’t play well with others or prefers not to socialize we can provide him/her with a private kennel space which includes and individual outdoor, weather sheltered run to ensure proper exercise and comfort. The safety and comfort or your and all of our dogs is our number one priority.

19) My dog or cat requires medication, can you administer it?
Yes, our staff is trained to administer medication to your pet, including insulin or other injectable medication. We ask that all medication be properly labeled, with proper dosage information. Additionally, we request that if your dog is on medication, especially something like seizure medication or insulin you provide us with a couple of days extra dosing in case your travels are delayed.

20) Is there an extra charge or fee for administering medication?
Absolutely not. We will administer any medication that your pet needs to be a happy and healthy member of your family.

21) Can my dog have their nails trimmed or be groomed while staying for daycare or boarding?
Of course! We will gladly provide your dog with grooming services per your request. Be sure to ask about our discounts and packages.

22) There was a kennel at your facility prior to Bark-N-Bubbles, are you affiliated with them at all?
No. Bark-N-Bubblessm is a new business established in 2013 through the passionate work of owner Kelly Hauk. There is absolutely no affiliation with the prior business that was in our facility.

23) What is your cancellation policy?
We ask that you give us at least a 2 day notice for non-holiday stays and 4 day notice for holidays stays. A fee of $50.00 will be put in your file if you do not comply with the above request.